We are here by your side to get through the COVID-19 pandemic

We are here by your side to get through the COVID-19 pandemic

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Published on Mar 22, 2020

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Many countries are experiencing the problems of the COVID-19 pandemic, so this post is for our users that are starting to deal with the uncertainties of the immediate future.

As you probably know in Italy, we now have a clear understanding of the weight of this problem.

Once again technology seems to be the protagonist, bringing solutions to help people stay safe but productive and the ability to work remotely is becoming a necessity for companies in certain markets to survive.

At Inspector, as modern SaaS company our job is remote by nature, so adapting to this new scenario it didn't require any special effort. Our team has been working from home for three weeks without any change in our efficiency.

Indeed, our technology is receiving a lot of attention as a concrete solution to help companies to react to the changes that will undoubtedly begin to appear for the years to come:

  • Work remotely and improve team collaborations;
  • Make data driven decision avoiding unnecessary risks;
  • Drastically improve efficiency dealing with customer problems;

Unlike other too-complicated tools that take time to learn, time to install and configure, and require a lot of assistance and training, Inspector allows you to:

  • Triple your release velocity and win the competition;
  • Avoid losing customers and money due to unpredictable technical problems;
  • Don't wait for users complaints to know if your applications are in trouble keeping your revenue stream more stable.

All of that, in less than one minute.

To reduce the risks to our customers, we recently introduced the 14-day money back guarantee, and more importantly, we are strengthening our commitment to customer support.

I will never stop repeating it, we are here to help, write us, send us your reports, your opinions, we will be at the forefront with all our energies to help you in case of difficulties.

We are Italian and definitely like to chat :), but we have launched our challenge to the global market and we are here to act constantly in the best direction for our customers.

"This, too, shall pass."

The one good thing about recessions is that they end. They end because things turn around eventually. That doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because entrepreneurs believe that it can be done, and then they just do it.

I hope to hear you soon via live chat or email, thank you for stay with us in this journey.



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